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Vi har markedets bedste vandpiber & verdens lækreste vandpibe tobak

Scandinavian superior quality

Quality is our trademark


Our tobacco is carefully chosen with the help of the top experts within the tobacco industry. We only use the brightest Virginia tobacco; Grade A all the way.


Our base is a sweet mix of honey with a hint of sugar substance. It is mixed up with plant-based glycerine that is made of palm and coconut.


Our team is doing an outstanding job in the lab. We mix all of our own flavors and the results are perfect. Every single flavor is mixed to get a 100% perfection.


We believe in freedom. At Crystal Clouds, we have 700m2 facilities, where all of the hard work happens and all of our dreams come true. Our factory is our second home, like a professional playground where we can go as far as we need to deliver high-level clouds to you.

We have a flavor for every taste

Take a peak into our wonderworld

Every taste is an experience

Dive into our world of flavours


The legendary taste of sweet anise and apple. This flavor has been a favorite for generations and will never go out of fashion.


A flavor that chills you out with a nice cooling effect and a taste of the best lemonade. A choice you won’t regret!


A sweet taste of red and purple berries mixed into a great berry mix. You will not find anything like this anywhere else except the forest. Let's go into the wild together.​


The fresh summer vibe has arrived in a jar, and that is our orange flavor. A juicy, must-try experience.


A tropical smoothie flavor spiced up with fresh sweet pineapple. Let our sunshine take you far away.


A sweet and fruity taste with a great balance between the sweetness of candy and fruit. You will love this one!


A flavor that explodes on the tongue! It tastes like a juicy slice of watermelon.


A unique lemon flavor with the perfect blend of sweet and sour. A must try for all lemon smokers!

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A phenomenal experience of a sour fresh taste that explodes on the tongue. A flavour that delivers the real deal, exactly like grapefruit should be.


Taste the perfect balance between strong and green mint leaves, a fresh and cooling experience brought to you from the heart of our rainforest.


Feel the buzz of an intense grape taste, using our golden Virginia tobacco, a pure and exceptional experience. Discover your new favorite!

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

An enthusiast will always try to solve and plan everything to perfection, and that is exactly what happened when Crystal Clouds was founded in the home kitchen 2017. Our passion for shisha drove us to try to make our own product. And you know what? It was a success. With a lot of research and testing, it was possible to make a base that we believe is composed of the right ingredients, first and foremost. We have a passion and vision about what shisha should be like in our world. 

With 25 years of experience in manufacturing, we finally decided to produce shisha tobacco to reflect Scandinavian quality. We wanted to be unique and not comparable to anything else on the market. This meant being experimental with our flavors, and that was the beginning of our new adventure. Our flavors are mixed in-house at our lab and are tested several times before the final product is ready. Every flavor goes through a procedure to make sure that we have the same level of quality for all of our products. 

We believe in trust and responsibility. This means that we produce Danish, with EU-produced raw materials that can ensure our consumers are confident in what they are smoking. Each batch goes through a quality check to be approved before distribution. That’s what we stand for.


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